Wholesome Kitchen // A New Adventure

We love wholesome, natural ingredients.  

We love healthy, nourishing food.

We love handmade, with love.

We love breakfast, always.


Wholesome Kitchen is a taste of a dream that has been in my heart for a very long time. It's funny how dreams change over time, how life has its twists and turns, and how each experience we have leads us in a specific direction with an unknown destination. This new adventure is one that I never thought I'd be brave enough, talented enough, smart enough to take on, but today here we are - my very own online store is live!

My journey with food and nutrition has been one that has taken many different twists and turns over the years. Although I haven't touched on the personal side of this journey on the blog (yet), I thought that sharing a couple of things in this post will help you understand how I have ended up where I am today, and how the way in which my knowledge and relationship with food has evolved over time has contributed to this new adventure. As a teenager food became something that became a bit of an enemy. Like many other teenage girls, there was a day where I learnt that more exercise and less food equals skinny. Unfortunately, I also learned from mainstream media, social media, and so many other platforms that skinny always equals happy, fulfilled, content (something that I do not believe to be inherently true today) and that 'skinny' was the ideal to strive towards. For a period of time, food became a source of anxiety. A scoop of ice-cream needed to be burnt off with a run, and it became difficult to experience enjoyment and freedom around food. Although I had a very basic knowledge of nutrition, I had a bit of tunnel vision, viewing food as only 'calories in' rather than a source of nourishment, energy, and important components that keep the body healthy and strong. Thankfully, over the years this has changed. 

When I moved away from home to go to university, food became a bit more complicated. Throughout my first year, I ate mostly res food, which was NOT good for my tummy. Throughout the years that followed I began to make my own food, experimenting with easy meals that could be prepared in a microwave, blender, and eventually an electric wok. During this time I learned that certain foods had a negative impact on my digestion, causing bloating and a sore tummy, and although I didn't really understand the underlying mechanisms and causes, I chose to eliminate wheat products from my diet. Throughout my time in Stellenbosch, I learned a whole lot about food, its composition, what affects its quality, and how it can be processed into products that consumers can purchase off supermarket shelves, BUT I received a very limited amount of training in the field of nutrition. This seemed strange to me, the fact that food scientists in industry have a very limited understanding of nutrition and the fact that this must contribute in some way to the prevalence of obesity and lifestyle diseases that we see throughout the world today.


In my final year of studying I realised that nutrition was something that interested and excited me, but something that I needed to learn a whole lot more about. At this point, the Real Meal Revolution came out in South Africa and it turned the nutrition world on its head, challenging the status quo in every way. Carbohydrates became the new enemy and fat was not so scary anymore, but although this way of eating had its merits, it made me fear eating carbohydrates, legumes, FRUIT, which is crazy. Fast forward to today, and I have been privileged enough to have gained a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of subjects like physiology, biochemistry, human nutrition throughout the different life stages, and pharmacology over the last year and a half. Whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and good fats have become a staple part of my everyday diet. Through reading books, blogs, and journals, listening to podcasts, talking to others with an interest in nutrition, and doing my own research, I have been able to learn a whole lot more about the ways in which food should nourish the body. I have learned that food is not the enemy, but rather that it is a blessing that we get to enjoy. Wholesome food gives us energy, it keeps us healthy and strong. 

Wholesome Kitchen is a taste of some of the recipes that I have developed for myself over time. We stock a few tasty, easy to prepare breakfast items that are filled with wholesome ingredients that should nourish your body. We've spent some time tweaking the flavours, so each product tastes pretty good (but the Ancient Grain Porridge is definitely my favourite :) ). If you have a free moment today, why not check out the store? Let me know what you think, I would love to have your input. Oh, and South Africans, if you need to buy something for breakfast next week, why not give our All-Rounder Granola a try? We have shipping options throughout the country!

Here's to new adventures, taking risks, and wholesome food x