#WednesdayWisdom Series // 'Sugar-free'


🙄 I've discussed this on my page before, but we need to talk about it again. No matter how much we kid ourselves, sugar is sugar (even if it's from a different source than sugar cane or beets).

🍯 Honey, date syrup, coconut sugar, rice malt syrup, maple syrup, and agave are all different sources of sugar. They are made up of different variations of glucose, fructose, and/or sucrose, and the way that they are processed in the body is more or less the same.

😋 Brown, white, caster and icing sugar are all made up of sucrose (glucose + fructose joined together). So are most other sugars, with the exception of agave (mostly fructose), rice malt syrup (mostly glucose and maltose), and maple syrup (which contains 30% water).

🤓 'Less refined' sugars may contain more vitamins or minerals than white table sugar, BUT they only contain about 1g per 100g (which means you'll need to eat a whole lot of sugar to meet your daily needs of things like calcium, magnesium, and selenium).

🥕 If a recipe uses any of these sugars, or even brown sugar, that recipe is not sugar-free. That's not to say that you can't enjoy those recipes, but be mindful of the fact that they do in fact contain sugar, and that even they should be eaten in moderation.