#WednesdayWisdom Series // Magnesium


🤩 Magnesium is a super important mineral in the human body. It is an important cofactor in over 300 biochemical reactions, & helps to maintain nerve and muscle function, keeps our heartbeat regular, helps us maintain a healthy immune system, and even supports bone health.

💪🏻 As a cofactor (or ‘helper molecule’), magnesium is critical for reactions including those involved in energy production from the food that we eat, protein formation, creation & maintenance of our genetic material (DNA and RNA), muscle contraction & relaxation, and neurotransmitter regulation. That’s a lot of hard work!

🥑 Dietary sources of magnesium include dark leafy greens (kale, Swiss chard, spinach), avocados, bananas, dried apricots, nuts, beans and legumes, seeds, soy, whole grains, dark chocolate, mackerel, salmon and milk.

🚴🏼‍♂️ Magnesium may play a beneficial role by enhancing exercise performance when your body has increased magnesium requirements. Magnesium helps move blood glucose into muscle cells to be used for energy, and aids in the disposal of lactic acid (which makes muscles fatigue and ache during and after intense exercise).

😞 Low magnesium status and intake have been linked to increased risk of depression. Although more research is needed, some experts believe that magnesium supplementation may reduce the symptoms of depression in some individuals.

💕 Along with other micronutrients including potassium and calcium, magnesium is beneficial for heart health. Magnesium supplementation and increased dietary intake have been shown to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The potential health benefits of consuming enough magnesium go on, with other effects including preventing inflammation, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

🤢 Magnesium deficiency is rare due to its abundance in commonly consumed foods, however very high intakes of zinc, fibre and protein can decrease magnesium absorption. At risk groups for deficiency include those with gastrointestinal & kidney disorders and alcoholics.