#WednesdayWisdom Series // Joyful Movement


💃🏻 So what is Joyful Movement? This is a term to describe an approach to physical activity that emphasises the joy and pleasure that we find and experience in the ways that we move our bodies.

😌 This concept is a breath of fresh air living a society where we are led to believe that we need to go to the gym to earn the food that we eat or to 'burn off' any so-called 'unhealthy' food we may have already eaten.

💕 Advocates for Joyful Movement acknowledge that regular physical activity does make an important contribution to long-term health and well-being, but that all different forms of activity and movement are as beneficial, important, and worth as much as each other (i.e. a hardcore spinning session doesn't trump a slow, leisurely walk if it brings you joy and satisfaction).

🤔 How do you get started with intuitive movement? Well, the first step is to start listening to your body and tuning into what it's telling you BEFORE you even move. Before you head off for the run/cycle/yoga session that you may have already planned to do, ask yourself: “How is my body feeling today?”

😴 Is it tired or energetic? Does it want movement or rest? If it wants to move, think a bit about WHAT kind of movement is it craving. Does it want to do some serious cardio, maybe sprints or spinning? A really leisurely, long walk? Do you want to dance and move your body to music? Or stretch and work with own body weight?

🤫 If it needs rest, think about how you can best honour that desire. Does your body need an afternoon nap, or self-love in the form of reading a book on the couch? 😯 Next, tune into how your body feels DURING and AFTER you move. Has your activity made a positive impact on your overall wellbeing? Has your mood changed for the better, or do you feel more stressed out? Does your body feel physically different, and is it happier after the movement?

💪🏻 Joyful Movement should not be motivated by weight loss, guilt, or fear of judgement. Yes, exercise may contribute to weight loss BUT the idea of Joyful Movement as part of a larger Health At Every Size approach.