#WednesdayWisdom Series // Detoxing


💪🏻 As the new year begins, conversations often turn towards resolutions and grand sweeping plans that we have to overhaul our health and start afresh.

🥗 Food, wellness, and supplement brands and companies often hop on the bandwagon with special juice cleanses, eating plans, skinny teas, and big promises that they have the solution for you - the DETOX.

🧐 Despite many of the claims that are made about 'detoxes', there is little scientific evidence to back most of them up. The few studies that have been conducted have been relatively small with poor methodology, and most have actually been conducted in rats or mice (and thus aren’t 100% applicable to humans).

🍏 Juice cleanses may provide the body with lots of vitamins and minerals, but are unfortunately virtually devoid of fiber (which is far behind after juicing) and quite high in sugar (which is concentrated, and doesn’t have the fiber present with whole fruit to slow down its release into the bloodstream.

😴 Short-term gains in weight loss (which will be mostly water weight) are outnumbered in the long-term damage that severe calorie restriction can cause. Most detoxes help you lose weight by virtually starving you for a couple of days, which can stress out a number of your body systems and overall metabolism.

🤨 If you are not in a great place regarding your relationship with food at the moment, detoxes can also be rather psychologically damaging as they feed into anxiety and restrictive thoughts whilst you have to endure temptation and physical discomfort whilst you’re ‘detoxing’.

☺️ Our bodies are AMAZING, as they’re able to naturally detox themselves through the action of our kidneys, liver, lungs and GIT. I remember @nicsnutrition mentioned on @dontsaltmygame that every time you go to the loo, you’re going on a detox haha.

🍎 Instead of giving into the detox message, why not make small changes that’ll support what your body is already able to do. Eat more fruits and veggies, drink enough water, move more (in ways that your body enjoys, and load up on those greens).


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