Thinking of Becoming a Nutrition Blogger? // feature on The Simple Nutrition Blog

My friend Jess approached me a couple of months ago when she expressed interest in wanting to write a post on how to start a nutrition or dietetics related blog/social media account. I have also had quite a few questions over the years about how to get started with sharing content - whether it be recipes, longer articles, or just an Instagram page - and thought that her idea to have a few tips all in one place would be great. So, without further ado, head over to the links below for some great tips on how to start out, how to use Instagram to its full potential, and how to strike the balance between your professional responsibilities whilst staying true to your personality.

  • Part 1: Tips For Starting Out - Jess shares some tips and suggestions for those who might be thinking about starting a nutrition / dietetics related social media account or blog. It can be pretty scary to think about actually writing and posting articles / captions written by you, so that everyone can see them. Where do you even start? In the rather saturated world of nutrition-related blogs and Instagram accounts, how do you find your niche?

  • Part 2: Instagram - Jess (who I actually first met through Instagram, before meeting up in real life at a few nutrition-related events here in London) asked me to share some tips for using Instagram for part 2 of this series. I have shared a number of basic tips to help you make the most of the features that Instagram has to offer including ‘How to repost an Instagram post to your stories’ (pretty life-changing if you ask me haha), ‘How to make spaces in an Instagram caption’, and ‘How to make story highlights’.

  • Part 3: Striking the balance between professionalism & staying true to your personality - Maeve Hanan does a great job of sharing tips on striking what can often feel like a very tricky balance between remaining professional, ethical, and evidence-based, whilst still sharing personal snippets and staying true to yourself when you put your ‘blogger hat’ on.