Taste & See Meal Planning Guides

I have been working on something fun...

Over the past couple of weeks, somewhere between writing up my MSc dissertation, work, and enjoying the last bit of UK summer, I have been having fun working on a project that should be ready for all of you in the coming weeks. I was approached by an old friend asking for help with some kind of structure around meals, recipe inspiration, and finding freedom around food. Personally, I have also been struggling with finding structure and feeling prepared with groceries during such busy weeks. I have been loving some of the dinner ideas that Haley Goodrich has been sharing on her Instagram stories recently, and have been inspired to try my best to write up a rough plan for main meals before the start of the week so that I feel a bit less chaotic during the week.


Anyway, during this process, I decided to take the plunge and put together a whole bunch of exciting weekly meal guides that will be available for each of you to purchase soon. Now I am by no means a fan of rigid meal plans that dictate what, how much, and what time you should eat food, so these won't be like that at all. Each week will include:

  • 3 breakfast ideas

  • 4 main meal ideas

  • 1-2 snack ideas

The recipes included in each weekly guide will be seasonally appropriate and suitable for those living in the Northern and Southern hemispheres (there will be different options, so you can choose what's most appropriate for you), and will hopefully give you fresh, new inspiration in the kitchen. There will also be easy veggie-substitutions for any meat-based dishes. You will get a grocery list that you can take along to the shops with you, and you can decide what to prepare on what days of the week. Thank you to my lovely friend Frances of Lumina Creative Studio for doing such an amazing job of designing these guides.

If you would like to stay in the loop and find out more information when it becomes available, please do sign up to the mailing list below!