October Favourites

Time for an update (it’s been a while!)

I haven't shared a 'favourites’ post since July, so I thought that I better put my head down and write this post while I have some free time. Over the past couple of months I have been adjusting from being a student to a working full-time, and although I definitely haven't had a lot of 'free time’ on my hands it has been great! I enjoyed a wonderful week-long holiday to Croatia with my family, which was much needed. The Croatian coast is just beautiful! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this round-up of some of my favourites that I have been enjoying over the past couple of months.


I loved watching the first season of Chef's Table when we first signed up for Netflix last year, and have just recently got back into watching episodes again. I love learning about the stories of talented chefs living all over the world, doing such unique things - I think that their stories are even more captivating that the food that they make. The cinematography is AMAZING, and the way that the episodes are filmed and put together is really beautiful. If you haven't watched an episode yet, do yourself a favour and watch one this weekend.



All women, regardless of body size, deserve equal access to safe and supportive maternity care, and equal opportunities to experience full enjoyment of such a significant life event
— Mulherin et al. (2013)

I referenced this paper in my post on BMI that discussed why it isn't the best indicator of health. This study by Mulherin et al. (2013) documented the experiences of 627 Australian women who had been pregnant and had received pre-service maternity care. The researchers found that those with a higher BMI were more likely to have had negative experiences of care during pregnancy and after birth than women of a lower body weight. Of the 248 healthcare providers who took part in the study, most perceived ‘overweight’ and ’obese’ women as having poorer self-management behaviours and reported less positive attitudes towards caring for these women compared with their ‘normal’ weight counterparts.

As the authors of the paper mention, 'Overall, the prospect that patient body size alone could influence quality of treatment and care relationships in maternity care, as suggested by the results in [these studies], is of concern’. This is because we know that weight stigma has a detrimental impact on psychosocial wellbeing and health behaviours. The negative impact of weight bias in women during pregnancy and during the postpartum period should be taken seriously, particularly given the increased pressures that they may experience that put them at higher risk of anxiety and depression.

eating & drinking

Lots and lots of recipes that I have been testing for the Taste & See Meal Planning Guides that will be ready to purchase and download very soon! One of my favourites is definitely the delicious roast vegetable pasta with basil and goats’ cheese that will be available in the Autumn/Winter version. I have had such great help testing some of these recipes, and it has been SO COOL to get feedback on what others think about the recipes. Kerry Payne shared these pictures of some of the recipes she helped me to test (THANKS Kerry!).

All photos courtesy of  Kerry Payne

All photos courtesy of Kerry Payne


Instagram Favourite

The talented Elana Esterhuyse has been on my radar for a few months now, and I have really enjoyed following her #100daysofstrongfemales series on Instagram. Elana is a South African English teacher in South Korea. Whilst in Korea, she started taking her illustration work more seriously, spent time in cafés drawing and creating beautiful work, and the rest is history (you can read more about her journey in this post).


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