Missartsycrafty feature // On body-positivity + self-acceptance

Nabeela recently contacted me for a few useful tips for anyone who has the desire to accept and love their body a bit more and wants to embrace body acceptance in a way that feels healthy and achievable for them. I could have shared so many things but chose to share the two that first came to mind when she asked. Head over to the link below to read her full blogpost, which includes my contribution and a few more amazing tips from Cari of Get Well Club.

"Accepting your body with all its flaws, and appreciating everything it does for you can lead you to feel so much more confident in your own skin and ultimately bring you more happiness. Also, remember that you are not defined by the way you look.  Appearance isn’t everything. After all, it's pretty hard to feel bad about your body once you start thinking about the billions of cells and micro-organisms whose only care and purpose is keeping you alive and healthy."