Glow Gathering Feature - Gut Health

Gut health is a topic that has taken the world by storm in recent years. More and more healthcare professionals are recognising the importance of the gut in relation to overall health, and fermented food products are popping up in supermarkets worldwide with the promise of restoring our intestinal microbiome. 

From the day we are born our bodies are inoculated with different microorganisms that make their home in our gut. Over time the amounts and types of microbes that colonise our gut changes thanks to the food we eat, the environment in which we live, the products we use daily, and our use of prescription antibiotics. The types and amounts of microorganisms found in our gut can affect the proper functioning of our bodies and our overall health.

Head over to Glow Gathering to learn more about what the gut microbiome is, how food and stress (amongst other factors) can affect the gut microbiome, and how you can best look after your gut.