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Budding Entrepreneurs // Chantelle Beukes, LaFede

With a little one on the way, I’ve had fun discovering amazing brands that create beautiful things for tiny humans. Chantelle Beukes, owner and creative genius behind the sweetest soft toys, is one of the small business owners that I had the pleasure of ‘e-meeting’ over the past few months. Lucky for us she has shared a bit more about her business on the blog today.

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#gamechangers // Emily Leeming, Foodcue

Meet Emily, a registered dietitian, gut health fanatic, and one of the smartest people that I know. As our #gamechanger for this month, she has shared a bit about how she has got to where she is today in her career, how she came across HAES and the non-diet approach, and a few other nuggets of wisdom for all of you to learn from.

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#gamechangers // Berleena Eberle

In today’s #gamechangers you will get a chance to meet Berleena, who shares insight into the work that she does as a health coach , how her approach to food and her body has evolved over the years, and how important Intuitive Eating has been for her both personally and professionally.

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