5 Great Resources to Check Out Before the New Year Begins

I thought that I would share a quick round-up of some great resources - including books, social media pages, thoughts, and references - for all of you to check out as we end off 2018 and move into the new year. I know I'm not alone when I say that often this time of the year can be a weird one as we move from a season of celebration and rest and return to ‘normal life’. It has the potential to leave us feeling refreshed and excited for all that is in store for us in the new year, but can also often leaving us with feelings of regret (for the things we didn't do, or the things we did ‘wrong’ in the year that has passed), guilt and shame (often related to the crazy food and body discourse that happens in January), chaos (as we settle into our old, yet new, rhythms once again), and even just lack of inspiration (perhaps if we have had a less than restful few weeks off over Christmas). I do hope that these resources will bring you some kind of inspiration and encouragement for the year ahead!

  1. Morgan Harper Nichols

    For poetry and prose that inspires and encourages

Morgan Harper Nichols’ Instagram page has fast become one of my favourite go-to resources when I need inspiration, encouragement, and the right words to match what I am feeling. If you haven't come across it yet, make sure to check out her work:

  • Here for a collection of her prose and poetry

  • Here for her beautiful illustrated words on Instagram

Lost deep in the wonders of grace

Anxiety will not win today.‬

‪Not because her life is perfect,‬

‪but because she knows she’s worth it‬

‪to get lost deep in the wonder of grace.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols


2. Audible

For a great way to get through all of those must-read books

I have been enjoying Amazon Audible for over a year now and have found it to be a great way to get through some of my ‘must-read’ books whilst commuting to and from classes and work, or even when going for long walks. If you haven't done so yet, you can get a free 30 day Audible trial by clicking on this link or on the image below. This means that you'll be able to get your hands on some of the books that I have listened to and still want to listen to in the New Year for free:

3. taste & see Meal guides

For recipe inspiration when you need it most

If you haven't checked them out yet, or have been waiting for the right time to purchase them, head over to the Taste & See Meal Guides page to get 15% off of your purchase over this next week. These guides aim to help you find JOY in cooking again and to help you find balance and rhythm in the kitchen as the new year begins and life goes back to normal again, and should be flexible and easily adapted to your own dietary requirements, preferences, budget, and schedule.

4. Just Eat it

To help you heal your relationship with food

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy of this book a couple of months ago (thanks Jess) and loved reading it. I am eagerly awaiting my own copy to arrive in about two weeks time! It's a must-have resource for anyone who who wants to break free from restrictive dieting, disordered eating and punishing exercise, and wants to reject the guilt and anxiety associated with food for good. If you haven't come across her work on Instagram or her fab podcast Don't Salt My Game yet, I'd like to introduce you to Laura Thomas PhD, who is an advocate for Intuitive Eating (which is something I often refer to here on the blog and on my social media channels) and the author of this awesome book.


5. Setting intentions

For a less rigid approach to

goal setting for the year ahead

I loved reading through McKenzie's post on setting intentions for the new year for pretty much all of the reasons she explains in this Instagram post:

“I like to set intentions rather than resolutions - life is fluid and absolutes seem too rigid. Intentions create space for me to be imperfect…intentions should not be something we need to "fix" in ourselves, but rather something new we set out to do to build upon all of our life experience and knowledge”

Jeff Bethke recently shared a post promoting similar ideas, explaining why he doesn't really do goals, but rather that him and his wife Alyssa come up with formations / rhythms / practices. As he describes in this Instagram post:

‘…we’ve found the small distinction has led us to a lot more joy and wholeness. In general, goals are usually about a finish line. Something you can reach for and then be done once you accomplish it. It’s about doing something. But to us, formations aren’t about doing something but about becoming someone.

One is usually about activity when the other is about identity. Goals are linear and resemble a straight line. Formations look more like a spiral, where you are constantly moving forward yet coming back to the same place to seek renewal and refreshment in a particular practice.

And one other important difference I think is what we call the 80% rule. If you set goals and then only do them 80% of the time you said you would (like working out for example) then you very quickly feel like you failed. But with formations, if you are doing it at least 80% of the time you will very much become a different person!’


Disclaimer: I have included a few Amazon Affiliate links in this post, which means that for every purchase made of products linked to above (the Audible trial and Laura's book), I will make a teeny tiny amount of money which will go towards keeping Taste & See going in 2019.