10 Positive Body Image Quotes

What messages are you filling your head & heart with?

I had a wonderful discussion with a friend last week entered around body image, how we feel in our bodies, and the ways that social media influence these things. How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed, only to leave feeling like you aren’t good enough, aren’t ‘small’ enough, are ugly, need to exercise more, eat ‘better’, or even that you just aren’t worthy.

I would love to encourage each of you to do a bit of an ‘audit’ this week as you scroll through your social media feeds and consider the profiles that you choose to follow. Ask yourself:

  • Why am I following this profile?

  • How does the content shared on this profile make me feel?

  • Is following them serving me in a good way more than it is doing me harm?

You do not need to fill your head and heart with messages, images, and videos that leave you feeling inadequate, ugly, or just not good enough. If you do end up feeling this way after browsing through your Instagram feed I would like to encourage you to:

  1. Unfollow any profiles with posts that make you feel unhappy.

  2. If you need to, take some time off of social media as well and rather spend your hours doing something that fills you up, whether that’s a walk outdoors, taking a nap, or spending time with a good friend.

  3. Next, choose to follow profiles that share good, healthy messages instead so that you can start to fill yourself with things that leave you feeling uplifted, confident, and encouraged.

The world of social media is filled with a lot of rubbish, including messages that make you feel inadequate, not good enough, and just plain anxious. Whilst this is true, there are also some amazing voices out there sharing messages surrounding things like intuitive eating, positive body image, calling out diet culture, and more. In an effort to promote more encouraging messages, I put together this post including 10 quotes shared by some of the inspiring people that I have encountered through social media (if you aren’t following them on Instagram yet, make sure that you start today). Read each of these out loud, speak them over yourself, share them with others, and take what they say to heart. Let them encourage you, lift you up on bad days, and push you to move forward with confidence knowing that you are good enough!

10 Positive Body Image Quotes

  1. “It is sometimes as simple as reminding myself that my body is a good body, that all bodies are good bodies” (Amanda Levitt)

  2. “Shift the focus from learning to love your body to learning to feel more at home in your body” (Haley Goodrich)

  3. “To be able to truly care for yourself you have to recognise, ‘I need to take care of myself now in this body and not just erase it away’” (Fiona Willer - Don’t Salt My Game, episode 89)

  4. “At any and all sizes I will be kind to you Body, I will listen to you. I will not compare you. I will speak to you as I do my best friend. With love, with understanding. One day at a time” (Jane Sutherland)

  5. “Our ability to be who we are in this world is not defined by our bodies. You are so much more than a body” (Lauren Newman)

  6. “Loving your body isn't thinking your body looks good. It is knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks” (Beauty Redefined)

  7. “What lights your soul on fire that has nothing to do with your body?” (Jennifer Rollin - Don’t Salt My Game, episode 79)

  8. "Treating other's bodies with respect is a great way to plant your own seed of body positivity that can one day bloom” (Rachael Hartley)

  9. “I will not make myself small” (Olivia Herrick)

  10. “… I am fearfully and wonderfully made …” (Psalm 139:14)