Hello there!

My name is Kirstin. I have a passion for wholesome, nourishing food and have an interest in learning more about how what we eat can impact our long-term health and wellbeing. More recently, I've become more interested in not only how the nutrients in our foods can impact our health, but also how our relationship with food can impact our overall wellbeing.


Since being launched in August 2016, Taste & See has become a space where I have been able to share knowledge as I learn more about nutrition, tasty recipes centered around fresh, seasonal food, as well as resources that can guide each reader in their journey towards living a healthier & happier life. 

I love experimenting with new ingredients, and hope to inspire home-cooks of all skill levels to get into the kitchen and cook food from scratch by sharing simple, affordable, and nutritious recipes. I am not a huge fan of spending all my cash on overpriced ingredients, and most of my recipes use affordable ingredients that you’ll easily find at the grocery store. Most of my cooking inspiration comes from a large collection of cookbooks and many inspiring blogs, all of which I have listed in Useful Resources for you to read through. 

Why the name Taste & See?  

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
— Psalm 34:8