I created Taste & See back in 2016 as a way to share the things that I have learnt and continue to learn through my years of studying nutrition and some of the resources that have helped me navigate the kitchen as well as my own relationship with food and my body.

As a nutritionist-to-be and amateur home-cook, I have a passion for wholesome, nourishing food, and an interest in learning more about how what we eat can impact our long-term health, as well as how our relationship with food can impact our overall wellbeing.


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Read some of my latest blogposts here. From yummy recipes and guest interviews, to whole posts dedicated to basic nutrition knowledge.



Eat well with my favourite recipes. I want to inspire each of you to fall in love with cooking wholesome food using affordable, accessible, tasty ingredients.


New to the world of nutrition & health, cooking, and Intuitive Eating? Here are my go-to useful resources covering all of these topics (and more) for you to explore.

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